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A Doberman Puppy Named “Christmas”

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Left by the side of the road on a blanket in the freezing cold in TN, this beautiful but very sick and unable to walk Doberboy was seen by someone driving by. They thought they saw something move on the blanket, and it was this boy who had simply been abandoned outside of the shelter in the dark. Thanks to Doberman Assistance Network, Canine Hope All Breed Rescue, kind vets and volunteers, and a caring Pilot Keith with Pilots N Paws, he is now able to stand and has been safely flown to Distinquished Doberman Resuce in Pa. He is receiving lots of love and medical care. He is learning to trust again, play and will eventually have a wonderful family. His new name is “Christmas”.

One thought on “A Doberman Puppy Named “Christmas””

  1. Terry says:

    Thank Goodness Christmas Puppy was taken out of Canine Hope Rescue and placed with Sue at Distingushed Doberman Rescue in PA.
    13 Dogs including 10 Dobermans are MISSING from Tammara J’s Canine Hope Rescue in TN. What a Horrible Horrible incident that has occurred there. Tammara sent out an e-mail giving her side of the story but Animal Control that has the 22 dogs taken off the property tells a different story of the near death doberman~starved~that Canine Hope took 7 months ago when he was FAT and Healthy and that the dogs were Filthy, Hungry and some Emaciated.
    So SAD!

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