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Pilots N Paws pilots moved 52 animals (45 dogs and 7 cats) out of rural southern Georgia to Florida today in one trip. Aren’t they awesome? Just wanted you to know that this amazing program saves so many animals from certain death. Besides those, I also had another pilot that brought a Boxer mama and her 8 pups that were only 2 weeks old from a kill shelter to a waiting rescue in Florida. A good day’s work, if I do say so! Thanks to everyone for helping! Sue Bruce

4 thoughts on “News Blast!”

  1. Louise Perry says:

    You moved an incredible amount of animals at one time! Thank you so much for all you do!

  2. Lea says:

    I was lucky to be on of the 2 drivers of the 52 animals from Ocala to Tampa. I am grateful that I could be involved!


  3. I am so impressed by the generosity and kindness of Pilots N Paws. Thanks so much for all you to to help these dogs in need. We appreciate your services so much!

  4. edith birrell says:

    How amazing!! The work you are doing is wonderful. How great this service would be to help the poor animals in Spain. A lot of us who are rescuers of abandoned animals work so hard to prepare them for other parts of Europe. If only we had some people like Pilots n Paws to assist with transportation for our beloved rescued animals once we have ascertained their health and made ready the paperwork.

    Bless you for all you do. I am impressed.

    Edith Birrell,
    Friends of Animals in Need,

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