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Pilot Jeff and 17 Critters Saved!

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Today was a beautiful day to be in the air – at least until late afternoon. My daughter Sharon accompanied me on a long transport that started at 8am as we left Marathon in the Florida Keys. We were on our way to Brookeville, FL (just north of Tampa) to pick up a Black Lab that had been adopted by a woman in Pensacola, FL.

She was driving to Marianna, FL ( 50 miles NW of Tallahassee) to pick him up. We headed to Marianna where we met up with Rita who adopted the Black Lab and Belva who brought us16 dogs/puppies from the High Kill Shelter in Chipley, FL that needed transport to Sanford,FL (Orlando).

All of the critters seemed to take the flight well except one little guy who lost his lunch both in the car on the ride to the airport and on take off from Marianna and one guy that decided that the inside of my aircraft smelled entirely too good and proceeded to rectify the problem by pooping on his brothers and sisters as well as anything else that he could get his rear end next to.

 We arrived back in the Florida Keys at 6pm just ahead of a VERY large storm system that wasn’t predicted by our weather gurus. We put the plane away right before the rain started.
17 more critters on there way to better lives – it doesn’t get any better than that.