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Molly and her soldier……

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Donietta is an American soldier.  During her deployment her unit had the opportunity to meet a dog named Molly. She showed up at the base and military personnel are not permitted to have pets so they  found a home for her in one of the villages there, with a little girl. The little girl decided that she did not want Molly and turned her out. Molly showed back up on the doorstep of the base (literally).  Amazingly, she had to  travel 20 miles to get back to the soldiers. It was a sign she was meant to be with them so plans began to bring her “home”.  Little did anyone know at that time how long the journey would be and how many people would get involved to help!

Molly and Sargeant Donietta in Kosovo

 A  wonderful PNP rescue volunteer, Joanne Kubacki,  took on the challenge of arranging fosters and flights for Molly to head to her new home in KY once she arrived at JFK.   After a long delay overseas, Molly arrived at JFK where another outstanding volunteer, Harriet Zucker, saw to it that Molly made it safely for her overnight stay.

Molly arrives at JFK, thank you Harriet!

Pilot Jerry Sica had planned on flying Molly for the first leg of her transport to KY but mother nature had other plans.  Once again, Molly was delayed from reaching her new home but she was in loving hands so all was well.  Pilot Luke Hayden volunteered to start the journey and took off with his precious cargo on board.

Molly and Pilot Luke Hayden loading up!

It soon became apparent that Luke was going to have to land earlier then planned due to some mechanical issues.  Would Molly ever get to meet her new grand doggie parents??  The answer is yes, Pilot Dick Scwartz came to the rescue and continued on to meet Pilot Kevin Overbeck.

Pilot Dick Scwartz to the rescue!

Pilot Kevin met Pilot Chris Blair who flew the final leg of the transport with Molly enjoying the company and the flights.  She was a trooper and it was easy to see why she captured so many hearts.

Enjoying the flight with Pilot Chris!

Molly poses with Pilot Chris!

At long last and after thousands of miles, Molly finally is safe and meets her “grand dog” parents while she awaits the return of her soldier.  Thank you to our military for always going beyond the call of duty to keep those of us at home safe, including Molly!

Molly meets her Granddog parents!

9 thoughts on “Molly and her soldier……”

  1. bruce park says:

    awesome ….

  2. Susan says:

    Such a great story, thank you to all the people who volunteer their time, skills and money to help these deserving animals. I send you all a big kiss and hug

  3. Doc Chery says:

    Amazing how much she looks like our fine southern hounds! Welcome stateside little girl! Thanks guys for the awesome job you do
    Doc Chery

  4. Teri Lemmons says:

    Another great story of our friends at Pilots N Paws doing what they do best to help dogs and soldiers! These stories warm our hearts and make us thankful every day for everyone who helped our soldier Sgt Lemmons get his dog Ally home to KY from Afghanistan! We love you Pilots N Paws! Thanks for all the good work you do! Congratulations to this family, we are so happy for you!

  5. My father was in the Army Air Corps in Europe during WWII. He had dog who he brought home with him.
    Dogs can find their way home. My mother told me when she was a girl, her father was transferred to another post so gave away the dog to a family 7 miles away. The dog returned home.

  6. I so enjoy this and all the positive stories you post on Facebook daily. You all are amazingly dedicated and are my hereos!

  7. Anne Flournoy says:

    Thank you Pilots and Paws for all the wonderful work that you do – this one is an especially great accomplishment.

  8. Judy says:

    How wonderful a dog is Molly for her patience during that long trip and how wonderful it is that people took the time and the effort to get Molly to the wonderful people in Kentucky who will care for her until her “soldier” gets back. Molly looks like our Jack who died last year. He was wonderful too! God bless you all.

  9. Sherry Black says:

    just goes to show……(being adopted myself, in 1959)…doesn’t matter where you come from….all that matters is where you are going!!!! Way to go Molly!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Welcome Home!!!

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