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Pilots N Paws

Definitely three “whatever it takes pilots” for these 13 !

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From first pilot Rhonda Miles:

Kudo’s  to Pilot Mike Selwa, the leg who was scheduled to be our
#3 pilot.  As the pilot for leg #1 I takeoff at 5:30am from Chattanooga and head to Savannah to pick up 13 “passengers.” On to meet Leg #2 pilot, Paul Berliner and his wife  in London KY with the “13” passengers.  Because
they had only flown a couple of dogs at a time, their crate supply was
slim.  So, Mike, pilot #3, took off at 6am and flew to Dupage, IL to meet Paul. Mike loaded his crates in Pauls plane and rode with him to KY to pick up from me. Then they flew back and transferred the dogs and crates into Mikes plane and he flew on to Green Bay. He is definately a “whatever it takes” Pilots N Paws volunteer.

Pilots Rhonda, Mike and Paul with some of the happy 13!

Pilot Paul and his wife dog walking:-)


Ready to head to the skies!


Load'em Up!

Just wanna say Thank You Pilots and Rescue Volunteers!