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Panda Manda and her all girl crew!

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As told by Suzie Cobb from the Boston Terrier Rescue of E. TN…

Panda Manda was listed on an e-mail as a Boston Terrier  mix (along  with a couple of other things that we later decided were not right).  We drove to Elberton, GA, a small northeast GA town with a high-kill shelter. I named her Panda Manda when I saw her picture with the dark fur around her eyes and an otherwise white body with some spots. The only thing Boston Terrier-looking about her were her ears.

Panda Manda with PNP pilot Marilyn(left), PNP Pilot Michele(right) and PNP volunteer Suzy Cobb!

She had two puppies with her. They were about 4-5 months old and were SO cute. There were also 3 other puppies from a boxer mix litter. We stuffed them all in the car and took all the pups over to Greenville, SC, to a rescue bud who had connections with other rescues that take puppies. At least, they were all safe now and not on death row and rescues provide foster homes and find them good homes.

Panda Manda taking in the view from Cheri's lap!

 We brought Panda Manda back to the Augusta, GA, area and she was in one foster home for several months. The foster mom had to move from her house the end of April, so I had to find a place for her to go. A friend who had just lost his dog adopted Panda, but she wasn’t happy there. She kept trying to run away.  So my friend called and said he had to give her back. Then she went to live with Lisa, a new foster mom that I have been blessed to have found. Panda’s been very happy at Lisa’s and hopefully feels more secure now and ready to move on  to her forever home. 

Team MuttMuffs Pilot Michele and Co-pilot Cheri with Panda

 Teresa found her online and submitted an application for her. After checking her out and having someone from another rescue in MD do a home visit with her, she was approved to adopt Panda Manda.
So that’s Panda’s story and she’s sticking with it!

Nice headset Panda Manda!

3 thoughts on “Panda Manda and her all girl crew!”

  1. Louise Fournier Perry says:

    She is so cute and has a great name!

  2. holly says:

    You are all the best and continue to make me smile with each story – Panda Manda sure looks a bit more like a Jack Russell but it doesn’t matter. She is beautiful and loved and the photo of her with her head set on is just precious. Her new owner is a lucky person – GREAT WORK !! well done and thank you .. all ..

  3. Lesa says:

    She looks Jack Russell-ish. Nice job ladies.

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