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“Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart, Pilots N Paws TV Feature!

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“Pilots N Paws was honored to be featured in a National TV Special, “Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart.”  The special continues to be aired across the country and the response has been extremely heartwarming!  A very special thank you to pilot John Quimby, his family and son co-pilot Ethan, Tri-State Collie Rescue and Hallie and her family for opening their home and hearts to adopt beautiful “Jenny.”
We would like to acknowledge Kroger and Purina for their support of this filming and of Pilots N Paws.  The vision of Jim Friedman and Addie Rosenthal with Blind Squirrel Productions clearly portrayed what volunteers with Pilots N Paws and rescues do every day to make a difference. Enjoy the film!
Copyright 2010 Blind Squirrel Productions/(for use on this site only please)

28 thoughts on ““Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart, Pilots N Paws TV Feature!”

  1. Julie Cain says:

    Ok, y’all have me crying! One if the best Pilots N Paws stories ever….. because a young man is learning what so many adults have yet to learn…..compassion. What remarkable parents to instill this in their son. Bless all of you.

  2. Brenda Coats says:

    Wow! That was so well done, I am really touched. What a great way to show how rescue is so rewarding for the pilots and their families. Spending time doing what he loves, spending time with his boy, and rescuing dogs, John is right, it doesn’t get any better than that!

  3. Kathy Shindoll says:

    I was brought to tears as I watched the video of John Quimby and his wonderful family helping rescue the collie to her forever home. I live in Montana and help transport dogs as much as possible, not by plane but wish I had that great gift. I volunteer to help spay/neuter at our clinics also. Want every pilot that helps with this very worthy organization how thankful I am for them to be so giving and what a wonderful way of using the gifts you have been blessed with. Words cannot express how touched I am.
    Thank You for all you do for so many, human and animals. You are a true inspiration!
    Kathy Shindoll
    Townsend, Montana

  4. Jim Carney says:

    John and family,
    Like you, I’m also a pilot for Pilots N Paws. Why do we fly for PNP?? This video says it all!!!
    You folks are the BEST and I hope to meet you someday. Maybe we can do a relay. I do fly Pilots N Paws flights quite often to KY , OH and VA.
    Blue skys and wagging tails,
    Jim Carney
    Pilot – PNP
    Germantown, TN

  5. anwh says:

    John and Ethan, you are beautiful human beings. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Rachel Hopple says:

    Wow, John & Ethan & all of you volunteers; that was a WONDERFUL, well-deserved segment about your journeys! I’m so glad Marcie got to be a part of the show, too! How well I remember helping Wanda at the airport in Tiffin, and meeting you 2 & Marcie! :-) Congratulations! Keep up the good work! Am going to donate towards Pilots ‘n Pups now!

  7. Mike Bowman says:

    Thanks to Pilots n Paws! One of the volunteer pilots rescued a doberman from NC and flew him to northern Ohio. My family and I adopted him a week ago. He had spent a few months in the rescue program with North Coast Doberman Rescue. He is healthy, happy and a great addition to our family. What an awesome organization and awesome people. Thank you so much.

    Mike Bowman
    Southeast Indiana

  8. Angie Jones says:

    What a wonderful piece on a wonderful family! We were fortunate to foster Marcie before she was transported to Buckeye Border Collie Rescue, and it put a huge smile on my face to see her featured here. Thank you, Quimby family, for all you do!

  9. Jason Roberts says:

    John and Ethan, not sure if you guys will read this, but thank you so much for what you guys do. Ethan, I believe the other dog that was with Marcie on your first rescue was our dog Tippy. From what I heard, Tippy was quite the escape artist on that flight. She’s doing great up here in the Cleveland area and we want you guys to know that your actions have brought a lot of joy to our lives with Tippy. She has a “sister” named Sasha, that looks just like her oddly enough and they get along great! I’ve always had an interest in learning to fly and this story gives me purpose in that journey. How fun it would be to follow in your footsteps! Keep it up.

    Jason Roberts

  10. Rhonda Miles says:

    Excellent !!! I’ve done a transport with you and your son. I brought you Newman, the deaf white Aussie, to Hamilton in my yellow Skywagon. Great job on the filming. Kudos !!!!

    Rhonda Miles

  11. Michele Quimby says:

    To everyone that has commented,
    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts! I am very proud of my husband and kids!! We all love animals, especially dogs, and will continue to support rescuing animals as long as we can! We sincerely appreciate those of you who fostered Marcie, Jennie and will assist others in the future! We are so thankful for your support of animal rescue in this way! Jason – good luck with your desire to become a pilot – it is well worth it! My husband absolutely loves to fly and it shows! Sincerely, Michele Quimby

  12. marv says:

    Beautiful. John and Ethan thank you.

  13. Barbara-Ann Winter says:

    What a wonderful story. Made me cry with happiness. How can you ever thank people who do these kind of heart warming things. How many of these dogs would have been put down !! Thank you all for opening up your hearts. To give your time and money to help all these wonderful dogs is amazing. Thank you, Thank you.
    Barbara-Ann Winter

  14. Bruce Allen says:

    What a touching story. What a great dad and son combinaton. These folks are real heroes and I cannot say enough good things about the work they do saving dogs.

  15. Patty says:

    Great story! Thanks, Quimby Family and PNP.
    I adopted a street dog from Puerto Rico. I was told she flew from there to TN to PA then to MA. Without folks like you, Aggie would never have had a chance to live in our forever home. Thank you.

  16. Lilian Seow says:

    I’m speechless. I’m moved with tears of joy and hopeful that there are good beings like yourself John and son Ethan to do and bring good to this earth.


  17. Dianne Dawson says:

    John and Ethan, thank you so much for what you guys do. What a wonderful story. Our family too has adopted many dogs and cats ofver the years. Last year we adopted a small sheltie to keep my mother company. Sadly Mom passed away last month, so my sister now has little “Sophie” and I have taken in Mom’s cat, Shadow. To all those who provide happy homes for so many homeless pets…THANK-YOU VERY MUCH.

    Dianne Dawson
    Wethersfield, CT

  18. thanks to don travis who flew velvet the cocker from nc to chicago and suga babe from charlotte to iowa, and all the many pilots who flew tessa to texas,griffenbone to florida. these long journeys could not have been accomplished with out all of you.thanks chris golden, steve woodin chuck wallace, james kleen. dogs from high kill southern shelters safe and happy in their forever homes. paula malatesta

  19. Paul Hanson says:

    To all involved in this endeavor: Nicely done….You make this world a better place!
    THANK you!

  20. Cindy Smith says:

    God Bless You John and Ethan for volunteering your time and pilot skills to rescue these precious animals. This video was so well done and I was brought to tears. I wish I could adopt all the homeless animals!!

  21. Candy Krueger says:

    What a wonderful thing to do, and it’s one of the life lessons that certainly bears passing on. Kudo’s to John for doing so. In addition to the dogs and the families they go to, the foster homes they were at, and this father-son team is a model of passing on the love. Thank you for taking the time to pass on one the “kindnesses” that occur in our lives that we may not know about.

  22. Cindy Van Allen says:

    what an incredibly heartwarming video. Ethan is showing more compassion for animals then many adults show.
    Kudo’s to John and his family for bringing up his son to know how special animals are in the world.
    Thank u to John, Ethan and all who participate in this wonderful organization.

    North Central OH

  23. tatiana ladigin says:

    this video is not about hope and happy ending it does show a wonderful family and the future two great members of our human society. Great job!


  24. Jane Marinello says:

    Thank you for a wonderful video and for all the great work you do. Without pilots like you I would never have my “Jackson” who was flown to the Dunedin, Fl. Dog Rescue a few months ago. I fostered Jackson and then fell in love and adopted him. God Bless you all. Jane, Fl

  25. Patty Tripp says:

    THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. John and Ethan: The world is a better place for having you in it. Your compassion and love has helped bring happiness to so many animals and undoubtedly saved many from a less fortunate life. Thank you for all you do and to the thousands of other volunteers that are helping save countless animals from a life of neglect, torture or death. God bless you!

    Duluth MN

  26. kitty Lange says:

    I dont know how I got on your list to receive your wonderful tales of saving Dogs. You are doing a fantastic job helping these dogs. God Bless you. Is there a group here in San Antonio, Texas?

  27. Laurel tipton says:

    Since all of our family pets have been
    adopted dogs….I found this to be such a special video. Currently have 2 collies, smooth coats, that I adopted from Tri-State Collie Rescue.

    I am sure since one of the dogs came from
    Mo. that someone special like John and
    his son had a hand in getting the dog to
    Cincinnati…be it flying or driving….
    THANK YOU!!!!

  28. Cindy Dingell says:

    What an incredible story! The Quimby family is very inspirational. Thank you for such a wonderful piece. We need more good stories about rescue successes and those who give their heart and soul to help out.

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