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Bonnie Takes “The Last Plane to Clarksville” 

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The following is a beautiful story–shared by animal rescuer Ann Graf–about saving animals who became homeless after the devastating tornadoes that struck Arkansas.

On Saturday morning I received a call from my dear friend, Noah’s Wish region 5 volunteer and Boston Terrier owner and lover, Betty Donnelson, who deployed with Noah’s Wish from Southern California and is in Conway, Arkansas helping the 4 legged victims of the tornadoes. I wanted to deploy on this disaster, but knew in my heart that the emotional roller coaster of dealing with the disaster was more than I could handle, so ANYTHING I could do from my home I welcomed.

When I heard she needed help, I was thrilled that there was a job for me. A Boston Terrier needed a home, and could I find a Boston rescue that might take her in near Conway.

So from California I got busy online and on the phone and found 3 Boston Terrier Rescues that cover the Arkansas area.  Two of the rescues did not have phone numbers, but Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee did, and miraculously when I phoned I got a real live person, Joe, but he was in the Smokey Mountains of Eastern Tennessee.

Joe, said “hang on to her, and we will come and get her.”  Later that day I received a second call from Joe telling me to let Betty know someone named Inge would be contacting her. I e-mailed the phone photo Betty sent me and somehow it got to Inge.

Within a day or so Inge Irby from Second Chance Happy Tails Rescue did call Betty, however, the flooding made it impossible to drive to Arkansas to pick up Bonnie.  But that did not deter Inge, she quickly went to work and the next day Betty got a call that Pilots and Paws had volunteered to pick up Bonnie in Conway and bring her back to Clarksville.

This morning Brenda and Betty both Noah’s Wish volunteers drove Bonnie to Cantrell Field in Conway to meet Jim Carney, Bonnie’s ride.  Jim is a volunteer with Pilots and Paws and flies all over the country helping rescue dogs in need.

Bonnie is now Tina-Marie and is en route to Clarksville co-piloting with Jim. Thank you to everyone who made this happen, it truly does take a village.”

Betty, Bonnie, and Jim

So happy to be flying home!!

2 thoughts on “Bonnie Takes “The Last Plane to Clarksville” ”

  1. Mari says:

    Of the many Awwww! stories from Noah’s Wish Animal Disaster Shelter in Conway,Ark, this was one of the best! Thank you for this awesome service, rehoming animals in need of a forever home.

  2. Leah says:

    Wonderful story!!!

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