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Sadie’s Flight to Texas and Freedom~!

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WOW! After literally months of playing the waiting game to get our special Heeler dog from Bainbridge, Ga all the way to a super cool Cattle Dog Rescue in Houston, Texas, WE DID IT!

Sadie, ready to roll!

Sadie flew her way to FREEDOM with the help of many individuals. Starting with Jay Kiper (who graciously took Sadie in to his rescue), Didi who comforted her upon arrival and helped her settle in for the night. Then I had to have a partner in crime and that is where Terrie Varnado (who coordinates many transports) jumped on board and literally took over where I was stuck :-)
Then we have pilots Ed Golly and Sandy Smith who picked up SADIE in Bainbridge, Ga where the shelter manager, Beth Eck met them.

Pilot Ed and wife Sandy meet their passenger Sadie

 And then another super pilot Chuck Hinnant was there to take Sadie the rest of the way to Texas.

Pilot Chuck flew Sadie for her final leg to Texas!

 If I left anyone off, you know you are ALL so appreciated and we at Bainbridge Humane Society are so grateful! We love the pilots that help us and all the volunteers in between that love all animals!

Sadie looking out the window of her first class seat!

 Check out the Cattle Dog Rescue website if you are in the market for great Heeler dogs! Adopt a shelter or rescue dog! http://www.texascattledogrescue.com/


(special thanks to Cathy and Terrie for organizing this transport and so many others!)