November 21, 2011 flight to FREEDOM!!!

November 21, 2011 flight to FREEDOM!!!

Jeff Bennett

HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE!! 2 huge rescue flights today…thanks to Jeff Bennett and Bill Whitmer! And to the rescues: F.A.R.R (thanks Lori, Danielle), C.C.F.A.(thanks Tara) and the Lakeland SPCA (thanks Patt, Terri)..HUGS to Beth who got up early to organize everyone. Total of 21, I think went today! We love the pilots that fly the animals to “freedom” and the rescues that take them so they have an chance at life and love!

Jeff, Spike and Mason

Bill Whitmer


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One Response to “November 21, 2011 flight to FREEDOM!!!”

  1. Great work, Jeff and Bill! Nice photos too. 21 bark salute to you both!