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USMC + American Flag + Major

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Tough and Determined Jack Russell Mama

Tough and Determined Jack Russell Mama

Jon Wells writes:

A week ago Friday, I flew two separate missions, just enough time to fuel and go. I went down to South Carolina and picked up a female Jack Russell Terrior with 5 pups. The Pups were only weeks old. Someone had basically thrown the mother (pregnant) into a ditch from a car/truck, and in doing so, it ruptured her right eye, which had to be removed.

Life started off rough for these pups, but they'll be headed for new homes soon.

Life started off rough for these pups, but they'll be headed for new homes soon.

In pain, injured, she gave birth to these 5 beautiful little pups in a drainage ditch. They were all going to be put down but were saved by a rescue, Second Chance Farm.  I transported them from Chester, SC back to Greensboro, where Robin Manly, Finding Great Homes Rescue, who I have been working with, took them in. I have been over twice to see them and the mother is doing great, the pups are doing great and will be able to be adopted out soon. Once I returned to Greensboro, she handed me the Yorkie and I did a night mission to the coast to deliver “Major” to their new owner. Got back around midnight, as stopped for dinner, etc.

Love this PNP stuff……….

Ken, Jon, Pam, and Major

Ken, Jon, Pam, and Major

Ken and Pam Brewer follow up:

On Friday night, November 11th – Veteran’s Day, Jon Wells and a friend delivered a 4 pound Yorkie from Greensboro to my husband and me in Greenville, NC. The dog’s name was Sebastian and we have adopted him. We were not fond of the name he was given by the rescue group. We have since re-named him Major in honor of Jon. My husband, Ken, is a retired Marine and we were delighted when we saw the USMC on Jon’s flight jacket. We had also brought a blanket that said Freedom Is Not Free with an American flag emblem, to wrap our new baby in. Jon and his friend took pictures of us and I hope you are able to post them on your site. What a wonderful service you and all of your pilots provide to these endangered animals. We will be forever grateful. And Semper Fi, Jon.

[Yes, Jon is retired Marine Corps major, and Pilots n Paws is lucky to have him.]

5 thoughts on “USMC + American Flag + Major”

  1. Robin Blakey says:

    The cruelty of some people is unbelievable but the kindness of others never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for all that you do for these animals :)

  2. Audrey Slater says:

    I was just referred to this website from a friend. She sent it to me because I do a lot of fostering through our local Humane Society. If you ever need someone in the Port St Lucie, Florida area to help w/ a rescued pet, please let me know.


  3. Ken W says:

    I thank Jon for taking me along. Were doing another run this weekend and preparing for a holiday rush.

    thanks Jon

  4. Juile says:

    The absolute disgusting behavior of humans horrifies me, and then the absolute kindness of some brings me back to a sense of hope!!!

  5. Nancy K says:

    As much as this business forces us to see the crueler side of humanity ~ that which frightens and repulses us; it also allows us to meet HEROES like Jon and the many other Pilots, transport coordinators, rescuers and fosters who have so much love and compassion in their hearts. Makes me PROUD to be a human!

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