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Cairo Cats to Arizona

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The four cats came from Cairo, Egypt to Los Angeles, CA. Todd Underwood picked them up at Hawthorne airport in LA and flew them to Arizona on January 19, 2012. This is Todd’s second time helping with cats coming from Cairo and going to AJ’s Best Friends Persian and Himalayan Rescue in Gilbert, AZ. The cats from Egypt come from the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals. There are no direct flights from Cairo to AZ, so Todd played a very important role in helping the cats reach their final destination.

Todd next to his Cessna 421 and the cats on board. Meow.


The situation for many pets in Egypt is very difficult. There are no government laws regulating animal welfare. Many people buy pets from deplorable pet shops and then dump them in the street or vet office when they no longer want them. Purebred Persian cats cannot survive in the street against the feral street cats because the Persians have had their survival instinct bred out of them. Paul was one cat who came over from Egypt to the USA. He was in a very bad pet shop and the owner of the shop was using the cats for breeding. The pet shop kept him in a bird cage and only fed him bread and water. When Paul became sick, the owner threw him in the street. A kind Egyptian lady who lives on the same street saw him and took him in. Bousy, Chloe, and Lilly are the three other cats who flew on Todd’s plane to AZ. They were all abandoned by owners who left them to die.


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