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36 Dogs and 500 Lbs

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Devon and Jill Barger surely got their workout for the day when they loaded and unloaded almost 500 pounds of dogs that were being given a second chance to find loving families.

They flew up to Enterpise, Alabama where they met volunteers from all over the state, some so determined to save the animals that they drove 4 hours one way to meet the flight.  Ten kennels were placed strategically in the plane and loaded up with 36 dogs.  Devon and Jill took off and and flew to Orlando executive, where volunteers from all over Florida met the Barger’s and rescued the dogs.  The adorable 6 lab pups had missed ride after ride and where on a short list that Friday.

Thanks to Devon, Jill, and all the volunteers that spent their day making the transport happen.  Talk about a great use of Avgas!

Pets are part of the family. In an effort to help find homes for animals in need, Subaru and Petmate are outstanding partners with Pilots and Paws.

8 thoughts on “36 Dogs and 500 Lbs”

  1. sue clayton says:

    I saw this on the news last night. I am going to pass this everywhere I can.. I am also with the Great pyrenees national rescue society. I am in Houston/Spring, TX. We transport our dogs/pups to the east and west coasts(all over) and what the reg. airlines charge us is crazy.$240 for 1 20 lb puppy to say the east coast. Anyway, great program you have. Thanks for everything you guys do.

  2. Schnauzer Savers Rescue of W. TN says:

    The PNP organization and specifically, Scott Messinger has been such a blessing to rescued animals for such a long time. God bless all of you that volunteer your time, plane, and fuel. Lots of Jewels in your crowns!

  3. Annette Bonacci says:

    I am interesting in adopting a boxer pup if you have any I have a 12 year old boxer

  4. Lori Spaulding says:

    Devon has helped us rescue before, as have several other PNP volunteers. We have been able to save so many more so much more often than ever before. It has been a Godsend to rescue animals. FARR

  5. Mary Beth says:

    Thanks to Devon and Jill Barger for all the work you do for animals.

  6. debi says:

    Annette, Pilots N Paws does not take in or adopt out animals, we assist with transport and perhaps overnight fostering if needed. We would suggest doing a search for boxer rescues in your area and perhaps checking with your local shelters. There are many purebred dogs who end up in shelters who need a good home. Thank you for adopting and not shopping!

  7. Margie Kraxberger says:

    I have been looking everywhere for a way to fly my little Ralphie (11 year old Boston buldog) to Hawaii. None of the airlines will fly him as any snub nosed dog do not do well in cargo, either too hot or too cold and some die. Do you know anyone, no matter what the cost, would fly Ralphie in cabin and not in cargo. Would appreciate any information that you could give me. Thank you so much

  8. Chris Hambley says:

    This really helps to assure me that we are making a differance, one animal at a time. I wish there were more like these angels with wings.

    Keep up the good work.

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