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Bull Terrier and The Boys

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My son Nick and I (along with his friend, Ryan) completed our 8th PnP flight today. We transported a female bull terrier from Brookshire, TX to a foster home in Cleburne, TX. “Bambi” is a 10 month old puppy that had been rescued by Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue¬†and is such a friendly girl! Unfortunately, when TGCBTR rescued her from the shelter, she had a horrible case of mange. But they’ve treated her, and though she’s still relatively hairless and pink, she is doing sooo much better.

Bambi and The Boys

She was nervous and shaking when I took her…though the shaking might have been from the cold. It was a frigid 2 degC when we took off this morning, and poor Bambi doesn’t have a coat of hair right now! But when she saw the boys, it was amazing…her tail started wagging so fast her whole body shook! After that, she calmed right down and was a model passenger for the entire flight.


2 thoughts on “Bull Terrier and The Boys”

  1. janet says:

    Thank you so much Mark, Nick & Ryan. Absolutely seamless performance! Bambi is doing well in her new foster home, thanks to you guys, which meant we had space to take in two new bullies in need this week.

  2. KARLA says:

    Thank you for what you do…..I am so thankful people like you are willing to do this. Kudos to you

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