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Five Puppies Earn Their Wings

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Terry Dickson at the The Florida Times-Union whips up the keyboard with a story featuring Pilots N Paws and Humane Animal Resource Team, or HART. Read the full story, 5 McIntosh County puppies airborne to new homes in New Jersey.

Photo by Terry Dickson of The Times-Union. Three of the five pups that got their wings.

McIntosh County had a puppy explosion recently. They received 31 puppies in one day. Adopters and foster homes were not to be found soon enough. Instead, some found hope in New Jersey, but that was a long trip. While shelters are often full with stray animals in the south, some northern states’ stringent spay and neuter regulations have reduced the number of strays so dramatically that would-be-adopters have a harder time finding the right shelter pets.

Dick and Vicki Sipp picked up five of the pups, bound for West Orange, N.J., at Brunswick Golden Isles Airport. They loaded up the 12-week-old puppies in their four-seat, single-engine plane for the first leg of the trip to Franklin, N.C. Dick is a retired Air Force pilot and uses the rescue flights as “an honorable excuse to fly” his Van’s RV-10 that he built himself. The Sipps have used their own resources to help save over 100 dogs in the past three years.

Photo by Terry Dickson of The Times-Union. HART Vice President Alison Whitten hands one of five pups to Pilots N Paws volunteer pilot Dick Sipp.

Last year, the Humane Animal Resource Team (HART) moved 200 animals to shelters in the northeast where they would have a much higher chance of being adopted. Most of these transports take funds out the HART coffers and potentially limit the work they can do in McIntosh. Since the volunteers with Pilots N Paws foot all of their own bills, HART can dedicate their limited resources to more animals and not transport costs.

Read the full story here.


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