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Susan Kyte, staff writer for the Mecklenburg Sun, and Dallas Weston, staff writer for the News Progress, both tap into a story with Mike Young in a supporting role to the main characters – the dogs.  The Lake Country SPCA in Clarksville, VA was able to be a part of Mike’s 12,000 miles transporting more than 160 dogs.

Xenon, one of the dozen dogs flown to Baltimore, sticks his paw on the cockpit window as if to wave goodbye to Clarksville. (Richard Courage photo)

Twelve dogs made their way from the Lake County to SPCA to their new home at the Baltimore Humane Society.  Of course, the ultimate goal is adoption.  This was the first time the group flew the dogs north instead of relying on ground transportation.  They work hard to get their dogs to no-kill shelters, and this round the Baltimore Humane Society requested hound dogs and puppies. These dogs had the best chance of being adopted at this time.

“I know the love that dogs can give people,” said Young. “Dogs are great creatures, so the opportunity I have to bring [the dogs] to a place where they know they’re going to be adopted is a good feeling.”

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  1. Richard says:

    Mike, thank you for all you do. We look forward to working with you and PnP again in the near future, what a great organization.

    If anyone needs a pitstop or wants us to hold an animal for an onward transfer, we would be more than willing to assist or provide the hospitality.



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