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Triple Bank Shot with Two Bonuses !

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From Pilot John Quimby:

The original plan was the rescue was to start out as 5 puppies from 9a5 Lafayette, GA where Carlean Cundiff (Rescuer) would meet Susan Delgado (Pilot #1) for leg #1 from 9A5 to 27K (Georgetown KY). John Quimby (Pilot #2) was supposed to meet Susan and fly Leg #2 to KTSO Carroll County-Tolson Airport – Carrollton, OH. Mark Chamerlain (Pilot#3) was supposed to meet the inbound at KTSO for Leg #3 to KOLE Cattaraugus County-Olean Airport Olean, NY.

Unfortunately the plans were revised by Mother Nature and it was not possible to fly on Saturday because of weather so we postponed till Sunday. We all huddled again on Sunday and cancelled because of winds and turbulence. Then Susan reconsidered and as she prepared for departure in her 182RG she had a Mag failure and she cancelled the flight for the day. Then she texted back she found another 182 and grabbed a friend (instructor) and they were making the trip. A couple hours behind schedule Susan arrived at 27K. While waiting at 27K two different dogs (beautiful female BC name Sally and a big GD mix puppy name Thumper) arrived that were not part of the original flight plan.


I'm just a lap dog!


Hitching a ride back with Susan!

As it turns out Susan had planned to fly home with not one but two different rescues for her return flight!!! The puppies arrived and the hand-off was complete but there was a minor issue – the weather in central PA / Western NY was now snowing and blowing so Mark could not make the flight to meet at KTSO. So I flew the dogs back to KHAO (Cincy) and boarded them overnight at Pet City Resort (wonderful PNP supporters they are!! They even stayed late for me to arrive)

Pilot Susan and the first five on her flight!

Monday morning Mark and I planned an early morning rendezvous at KTSO. So I retrieved the puppies from the kennel and loaded them into the airplane for the flight up to KTSO. Mark and I did the hand off in the snow and he gassed up for the final leg to Olean and the rescue with Val Janik (rescuer in NY).


Pilot Mark and one of his passengers wondering what the white stuff is?


Pups supervising Pilot Mark's info!


In the end 5 puppies made it from GA to NY and two different rescues from KY made their way to their foreever homes. Susan deserves kudos for her perseverance and coordination skills to make such a big impact with one flight!


Volunteers meet all the pups, what a team effort!


4 thoughts on “Triple Bank Shot with Two Bonuses !”

  1. Joy says:

    You are wonderful people! Thank you for all that you do for these sweet critters.

  2. Val says:

    Angels with wings! the dogs are doing great!

  3. Jeff S. says:

    Way to stick with it Susan! You’re a pleasure to do these flights with.

  4. Tammy says:

    Sally, the boarder collie made it to our house – her forever home – last Saturday. She is so sweet and gets along great with Riley our other Starfish Rescue boarder collie. Thanks so much to everybody who made this happen.

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