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Twelve to Tampa

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[Was that a count of 23 total?]

Yesterday I picked up a shep mix mom and her seven puppies in South Miami. It took the rescue over a year to coax the mom out of the Everglades where she was dumped. They were delivered to Orlando to Heidi’s Rescue. I also picked up three Bulldogs in Orlando that were on their way to Georgia.

The next stop was Bainbridge, GA where the 3 Bulldogs departed and 5 dog/puppies from the Bainbridge shelter came aboard. Then it was on to Appalachicola, FL where I picked up 3 adult labs and 4 puppies for the trip south. All 12 were delivered to Tampa where the rescues were waiting.

Jeff - kisses from all of us!

Jeff Bennett
Cirrus SR22-GTS
N630LD (Lucky Dog)

4 thoughts on “Twelve to Tampa”

  1. Karen Kroll says:

    As usual Jeff – YOU ROCK! You are a rescuers dream and an angel to all the 4 leggers you get to safety. Many dog cookies to you!

  2. Angela Palmer says:

    What an amazing and wonderful trip!!! Thank you for saving so many in one day. We dog rescue people love and appreciate Pilots N Paws so very, very much!

  3. Connie Schachel says:

    What a busy guy you were!! Extraordinary effort that is appreciated by many. Thank you Jeff, you Lucky Dog!!

  4. Laura Sawyer says:

    Jeff – You are such a life saver and a Godsend for Florida Boxer Rescue. Even when you weren’t flying, you DROVE a transport of 4 Boxers from Tampa to Fort Myers! What a voice you have for the voiceless and we thank you as well as the Lucky Dogs!

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