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28 and No One Was Left Behind

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Rhonda Miles invites us in on her regular tour…

We started doing this regular run a year or so ago, with me flying my Skywagon at 5am from Chattanooga, TN to Savannah, GA. There I pick up a load of dogs from Diane Abolt with the Savannah Animal Control.

Then I fly to French Lick, IN to meet Mike Selwa in his Cessna 172. Mike takes the load and continues to Clintonville, WI.  There, he meets Amanda Reitz who then takes the pups to her Sanctuary, Happily Ever After in Marion, WI.

The ideal situation would be Mike doing the first leg because his plane doesn’t haul as much as mine. I have always been afraid that I would get to Indiana and have 1 too many crates full of dogs. The only thing to do would be to continue on to Wisconsin with Mike in formation. I was a bit antsy when I had 17 dogs one time but was not disappointed with Mike’s ability to jigsaw puzzle the crates in that 172.

Well, Diane and Amanda decided to challenge Mike and I again.. Sunday, we were able to fit 28 pups in my plane and then transfer to Mike’s with his trip home including one crate empty. My 81 year old Dad again went along as dog wrangler.

PS... I tend to wear my poor Dad out... haha

We had 9 hours of flight time, many poops, one puke, and one escapee during flight. And I think if I do it right, I can get 50 pups in my plane, but I bet Mike will make me fly all the way to Wisconsin with that load… LOL !!!

Our escapee.


10 thoughts on “28 and No One Was Left Behind”

  1. Jackie says:

    So cool! That dog just wanted to see out the window. : )

  2. Renee Stephen says:

    :-) Awesome rescue!

  3. Randy Thomure says:

    17 dogs at one time!!! Awesome.
    My “biggest” load so far, was only 3. I feel like a slacker!

    I’m based just south of Chicago, if you need to connect up on a northern leg.

  4. Amanda says:

    Rhonda’s espcape’s name is Luke. He is a handful but super fun!!!! The pups are all doing well and loving life in Wisconsin, except they think the cold weather kind of stinks :-) We told them it should warm up starting tomorrow!

  5. Carrie says:

    Thanks Rhonda for all that you and Mike do! We love you guys!!

    (one of the HEA volunteers who helped pick up the pups in Clintonville)

  6. Sue says:

    wow that’s a lot of poop!! How could you breathe? We don’t seem to get very many multiples here on the West Coast. Our recuers and shelters are waaay over capacity and no where for the dogs to go.

  7. Kelly Grelecki says:

    Bless you for doing this work. I am so grateful to you, Mike and all of the incredible people who do this for the animals. Thank you!!!

  8. Gail Bleakley says:

    You guys are awesome, thank you for helping all these animals!

  9. Tammi says:

    I am a volunteer with Happily Ever After. THANK YOU for helping us save those adorable pups!

  10. Mike Selwa says:

    There was neither poop or escapees on my flight. I guess that’s an advantage to taking the second leg of the trip. My hats off to the folks from the sending and receiving shelters. You made this happen. Thank you for allowing me to help!

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