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Champ Becomes Part of Utah’s Perfect Pointer

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My dear friends, busy weekend in the world of rescue, and Pilots N Paws, but in a GOOD way!! Champ’s story is no different than any of the other rescue dogs that are pulled from kill shelters. He was found tired and weak and looking for a second chance.

Volunteer Foster Kristin in Phoenix, Kristin has worked so hard for the GSP's of Arizona

Thankfully Southwest GSP Rescue and the dedication of Kristin Sanburg, Champ was found and nursed back to health. He was now ready to begin his journey to a home and family of his own.  With a collaborative effort of Southwest GSP Rescue and Utah’s Perfect Pointers, our journey to Utah began. Once again, I am indebted to the Pilot volunteers with Pilots N Paws for giving Champ a new beginning.

Pilot Billy and Lulu

Pilots Billy and Rich came to the call to help our Champ cross great distances.. they were even willing to delay our journey when it was found that 2 more dogs in New Mexico were trying to connect.  It was unfortunate that weather turned against us in the White Sands area and the girls couldn’t reach us, but both Billy and Rich assured us that we’ll get them home too.  The selflessness of both of these men is appreciated. To sign on for one dog is work enough, but now to try to stuff 3 large dogs in their planes is a gift indeed.

Champ meeting Pilot Rich and Jill with Copilot Sparky

Once again, I am humbled by the generosity of the Pilots through Pilots N Paws.