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Doxies and a Yorkie

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Pilots N Paws volunteer Mahesh completed another flight but this time with his younger son, Roshun. Their cargo was two mini dachshunds and a Yorkie.   The little Yorkie was in pretty rough shape.  Mahest flew the dogs from the Columbus area to the Rochester area. The dogs finished their trip by road to Watertown and then to Peru, NY, near Plattsburgh.

Roshun and Patti try to coax Corey and Nick to leave the comfort of the crate in the plane.

Cassie played a significant role in getting the dogs out of the puppy mills and brought the dogs to the airport, Patti received the dogs near Rochester and drove them to Watertown.

Nick and Corey are cute engergtic little doxie mixes. They are brothers and bonded so if at all possible it would be nice for them to go together. If that isn’t possible, they are young enough where they would likely be ok apart. It’s just hard to imagine them separated once one sees how cute they are together. There might even be a little bit of Chi in their personalities. They are robust and playful. Somewhere in their little lives they have been spoiled, so they do not eat plain dry food. Volunteers had to mix their dry tonight with a bit of wet natural balance duck/ potato to be sure they got some nutrition. A little time, and cutting back a little each meal on the wet, and things should be fine. From the looks of those little round tummies, they could use a few less calories in the process anyway.

Roshun with Corey and Nick at Columbus Airport OSU.

Now for little Ben, the Yorkie. He is a huge mess, the poor little thing! Ben needed a nice warm bath with a gentle shampoo as I noticed a bit of dangly stuff on his hiney and he really smelled roughly like an old gym sock. He doesn’t have the rolly-polly belly of his flight mates, in fact there was no fat to ward off the cold, so he needed the full treatment with a dry down to keep im warm. He is so thin, but all his hair covers it up.

Ben has very limited teeth and is COMPLETELY emaciated. Again, the volunteers caring for this lost soul are so kind. They scrambled some eggs for Ben and mixed that with cottage cheese and some natural balance canned w/ duck /potato. He tires quickly, most likely from being so thin and having no energy reserves normally stored in fat.

Roshun with Ben and Patti with Corey and NIck at Leroy airport near Rochester.

He has insanely infected eyes and certainly limited sight. Some more caring went in to soaking them with some warm water, making it possible to all the crusty goop. He was a trooper and seemed relieved to have it gone from his face. His lids are terribly inflammed and irritated from the infection that was soaking his skin and matting his hair.

He is not neutered, nor does he have a clue about house training. It appears that this little guy was a breeder dog at a puppymill and he has zero experience in a home or family environment. He will require lots of patience and positive reinforcement. He just knows nothing, like a pup in and adult body.

With their usual diligence and care, they will give his sad little guy a huge transformation in a pretty quick time frame!

3 thoughts on “Doxies and a Yorkie”

  1. Chops says:

    Bless you for all you do to save these precious angels!

  2. Donna Wornell says:

    I would so like to give the little Yorkie a home. He needs a lot of TLC and tender care for his physical health. Poor, poor Fur-Baby.

  3. judy b says:

    Ben is very ill. We will be putting up a chip in to see if we can raise enough money to help him. He has a shopping list of issues but we would like to at least give him a chance to know how it feels to be healed and to be loved.

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