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Huffington Post: Pilots N Paws Nonprofit Grants Dying Man’s Wish To Have His Dog By His Side

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Story by:   davidlohr@davidlohr.net

A cancer-stricken Florida man’s dying wish to be reunited with his dog one last time was fulfilled by an animal rescue group last week.

Roger “Rod” Calvert, a 57-year-old former Marine, wanted a chance to say goodbye to his 7-year-old yellow Labrador, Bailey. There was just one problem — about 1,100 miles between the two best friends……….

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2 thoughts on “Huffington Post: Pilots N Paws Nonprofit Grants Dying Man’s Wish To Have His Dog By His Side”

  1. Emily says:

    What an amazing organization. I am very happy for Mr. Calvert to be able to have his dog by his side through the last days. I know how much my dogs mean to me and I would wish the same. Rest in Piece brother, Semper Fidelis.

  2. Angie Mantell-Smith says:

    This is truely a touching story. Dogs are so speacial in our lives. My german shepperd “COCHISE” was by myside during my breast cancer till I was in remission. It seemed like until I was absolutely healthy again he would not leave my side. Then all at once his body gave up and two weeks later his body went limp everything shut down & he died of cancer. It was like he was perfectly healthy holding on for me and all at once he let go knowing I would be fine. It was very hard to lose him and my Father to Cancer at the same time. I was grateful to be at both their sides at their passing. R.I.P. Mr Calvert Semper Fi

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