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Malachi the Mastiff to Missouri

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Word came again to Pilots N Paws from Big Dogs, Huge Paws that they had a home for a puppy in their care if they could get him from central Texas to Missouri. Malachi was born on 12/20/11 to a purebred Kangal mom, and his dad was a purebred Boerboel (South African Mastiff). He is an adorable Fawn boy with a black mask and has lots of growing to do!

Foster mom Emily says goodbye.

Malachi called Bryan, TX home with his foster mom Emily since he was 2 days old. The Hills family lives near St. Louis, MO. The family offered to drive 6 hours each way to Tulsa, OK to make the adoption work. With adopters like that, it is hard not to want to help. Mike Reddick in Fort Worth offered to take Malachi to Monet, MO, knocking about 5 hours of drive time for the family, if someone would bring the dog to Fort Worth.

The call went out to the RV community, the flying home-built kind of RVs, and Tanya Card offered to pick up Malachi in Bryan and deliver to Mike’s home airport, Hicks Field (T67). There is something very amusing about 2-seat aircraft hauling around a Mastiff – only as a puppy of course.  Saturday morning dawned with clear skies north but clouds covering Bryan with the typical morning Gulf Coast moisture. Fortunately, there was plenty of clearance between the ground and the clouds, so off went Tanya to pick up Malachi in Bryan at Coulter Field (CFD). About half of the way to Hicks, the clouds cleared to a very beautiful, but bumpy, sky. That meant it was time to climb above the bumpies.

Tanya and Malachi. Look at those huge paws!

The flight to Hicks was uneventful, although you would have thought Malachi was being tortured for the first 20 minutes. He sure has some powerful lungs. He finally decided it was time for a nap and didn’t make another peep until the touchdown down in Fort Worth. No, really, it wasn’t that bumpy of a landing, but he knew something had changed.

Mike was waiting next to his hangar all set to go, but first the group had to watch the puppy romp around for a while. It is a requirement as everyone knows. Malachi did his best impression of a kitten and pounced around the ramp. He hopped around and emptied himself out right under the step of Mike’s airplane. Uh, Mike, tell your wife to be careful getting in!

The New Addition to the Hills Family

All loaded up, Mike taxied out with Malachi letting us all know again that he really wasn’t excited about this flying thing. About every 20 mintues, he reminded Mike that he was still in his crate. Mike arrived in Monet to a very excited family. It took all of about 5 minutes for Curtis and Malachi to bond. curtis better be careful as Malachi is going to grow up a whole lot faster than he is, hopefully into a gentle giant with the guidance of his new owners.

It'll take some time, but we'll grow up to be best friends.


Pets are part of the family. In an effort to help find homes for animals in need, Subaru and Petmate are outstanding partners with Pilots and Paws. 

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    A beautiful story! Rescues are THE best!

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