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Pilots N Paws

Pilots N Paws: Rescue Pets Take Flight TIME.com

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TIME.com profiles the story of “Charlie”

“Charlie” was saved from death more then once.  He was believed to have been used to train fighting dogs, a terrible plight for this sweet dog, and next found himself in a kill shelter. 

Charlie in Pilot Doug's car, headed to the airport!

 Thanks to caring rescue volunteers and four pilots who worked together to fly him to find his forever home, Charlie can run free and breath deeply knowing kindness abounds for him. 


Charlie meets his next pilots, Rob and Brad!

Thank you to Pilots Doug Weir, Rob McMasters, Brad Childs, Mahesh Sankaran and son Kirun for making these flights and to all the rescue volunteers involved.

Off we go on our last leg of the flight with Pilot Mahesh and son Kirun


  Here is the full story with special thanks to journalist David Grunebaum and Time.com !


2 thoughts on “Pilots N Paws: Rescue Pets Take Flight TIME.com”

  1. Becky Carlos says:

    This is such a wonderful organization, from what I have seen on your website! I wish more of us could be involved in something so rewarding.

  2. Robin Nesteruk says:

    This story mad me so happy..Because no one gave up…this dog gets a second chance in life..He deserves it..Thanks to all of you who helped him…God Bless you..and keep you safe..You are angels with huge wings soaring with God on a mission to protect his beloved creatures on this earth..((((HUGS)))) and keep up the good work..This world is blessed to have caring and kind souls and you are very special..your precious cargo thanks you and will remember their angel flight and you forever!

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