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PNP book, “Dog Is My Copilot” by Patrick Regan ready for pre-order!

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Pilots N Paws book arriving this June—pre-order your copy today!

It’s not quite on approach yet…but the wait is almost over!

Author Patrick Regan reports that Dog Is My Copilot, his new book that recounts the founding of PNP and takes readers along on 25 life-saving rescue missions, will be available in stores on June 19.

And while we can’t get the book to you any sooner, we are thrilled to reveal its cover and offer a little preview.

After a months-long search for the perfect cover dog—and submissions of hundreds of great photos by PNP members—the honor finally went to “Chipper,” a rescued Border Collie that caught a ride from Idaho to Wyoming courtesy of two PNP pilots.

I’m lucky enough to have reviewed an advance copy of the book, and I can tell you that this book will touch readers on so many levels. Patrick’s unique ability as a writer truly conveys the passion behind every story. He is also generously donating a portion from the sale of each book to Pilots N Paws—THANK YOU PATRICK!

Once published, the book will be available at bookstores throughout the country–big chains and independents alike–as well as through online retailers like amazon.

You can peek inside the book—and pre-order your copy today—by clicking the amazon link below. Please share the news with your friends and family!

5 thoughts on “PNP book, “Dog Is My Copilot” by Patrick Regan ready for pre-order!”

  1. Gini Green says:

    I’ve ordered mine today and can’t wait! Will there be a book tour? That would be great! You will have to come to Canada then!! ;-)

  2. debi says:

    Gini, it would be great to have a book tour but don’t have an answer for you yet. Thank you for your support!

  3. Mona says:

    I am so buying 2 books…..a book tour would be fabulous! I live in Maine and thought there was NO P N P activitiy in ME, but then the first page I read was about a rescue that went to Skowhegan, ME! The rescued dogs could come to the book signing, how cool! thank you for all you do.

  4. Sheryl Jones says:

    I ordered 3 books today and I cannot wait to get them. Jim Carney rescued our yorkie named “Carney” from a puppy mill rescue and we have been forever grateful! Glad to see his hame in the chapter titles.

  5. debi says:

    Sheryl, thank you for taking such wonderful care of Carney :-) Please share the link to order our book with all your family and friends. I have an advance copy and applaud Patrick Regan for the superb writing and the pictures we all love are on every page!

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