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Stella Meets Miles Ahead

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Stella is a very lucky terrier. Willie with Latin Pets rescue in Oklahoma City decided that she was one of the abandoned dogs whose life he could impact. He brought her home to meet the rest of his crew and took care of the petit Welshie for two months.

Stella ready to be out of the crate and on the ground.

Meanwhile, in Austin, TX, a couple was looking for a Welsh Terrier. They were having trouble finding a good match, so they decided to instead look at wire fox terriers that were available. Julie Covey at Fox Terrier Rescue of Central & North TX got wind of Stella and knew she found the perfect candidate. When Julie spoke to the couple, the husband was hysterical that she found Stella for him.

A post went up on the Pilots n Paws board late Thursday night. A quick response came in from Tanya Card offering to bring Stella back to Austin as the return flight of another PnP transport if someone could get Stella to the Fort Worth area by Saturday morning, just a day and a half later. Tanya Card thought Jay Pratt of RV Central needed to do this flight and that it would be a good trip to get his feet wet. Who can say no to Tanya? He couldn’t make the flight Saturday morning but could get Stella Friday afternoon and foster her overnight.

Jay Pratt with his friend for the night.

Wow, things were coming together fast. Less than 12 hours from the post, transport had been arranged for 36 hours later. Just one small problem, they were waiting to get the health certificate until things were lined up since it can sometimes take a while. Willie stepped up once again. Since the clinic knew exactly who Willy was, dealt with him a lot, and were very fond of him, they most certainly made time for the last minute appointment.

All set. Jay arrived in Oklahoma city about 4pm Friday night and picked up Stella. It seemed that Willie had some mixed feelings. He cared for the little terrier so much and was sad to see her go, but he knew she was finding a great forever home. Jay took off into clear skies and had Stella home well before dark. He even took her to enjoy a romp in the dog park with a neighboring Husky, Stryker, before it was time to turn in for the night.

Amy, Todd, and Miles Ahead welcome Stella to Austin.

Tanya picked up Stella in Fort Worth and headed toward Austin. Julie, Amy, and Todd greeted them at the airport with the couple’s welsh terrier, Miles (his full name is Miles Ahead). Miles and Stella sized each other up, and it is obvious that Stella is going to rule the proverbial roost!