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Pilots N Paws

52 Paws and a Couple of Pilots

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Pilots N Paws could have easily been referred to as Paws N Pilots instead on Wednesday, April 4th!! North Carolina pilot Doug Oakley and his wife Jane really are our Angels, and they have hearts of gold.

The HART Rescue Team out of Brunswick, GA was desperately trying to find transport to the Jersey Animal Coalition in New Jersey for a mama bulldog mix, her 5 puppies, and 5 more puppies. Doug & Jane offered to help with the first leg from Southport, NC to Tappannock, VA. The HART Rescue Team volunteers drove all 11 puppies to Southport, where Doug & Jane accomodated all 11 pups the night before their big trip.

Since Doug still felt like he was leaving empty-handed, he volunteered to land at nearby Wallace, NC to pick up two beautiful and BIG Pender Co Animal Shelter lab boys named Harvey and Grady who were trying to get to Ruffstart Rescue in Westchester, NY. So, on Wednesday April 4th, Doug & Jane set out for Virginia with a mama dog and her five puppies, five more puppies, and Harvey and Grady. 13 pups, or 52 Paws!

Ah, hey guys, not the transportation method we were promised. Where's first class?

From VA, the Hart Rescue Team pups met their second leg pilot and away they went, on to wonderful lives, thanks to the Jersey Animal Coalition. Harvey and Grady were invited to stay the night with the Oakleys in VA while they waited for their second leg pilots to arrive on Thursday morning. A HUGE thanks for Harvey & Grady’s second leg pilots, Jeff Chipetine and Bruce Cohen. What wonderful folks they are and it’s been a pleasure working with them.

It’s experiences like this that always overwhelms me when working with this wonderful organization. Without the pilots, these pups’ lives would have come to an end. For so many people to devote their time, their energy, their expense to help saves lives is a wonderful gift to the world. As a volunteer in a rural county kill shelter, I just can’t emphasize how very important Pilots N Paws is to Animal Rescue efforts.

A huge, huge heartfelt thank you for all involved to save these precious lives!

Take care,
Pender Co Animal Control Volunteer, Burgaw NC


These stories are not possible without our pilots, rescuers, and adopters and our sponsors Subaru and Petmate.

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  1. Barbara Hubbs says:

    God bless you all…I cannot think of a more wonderful thing to be able to do than to help God’s creatures. I feel you have angels on your shoulders.

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