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Florida Freedom Flights

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Today my flight went from Marathon to Ft. Lauderdale to pick up 3 adult dogs that were heading to Pensacola, FL. After loading them up, I flew to Tampa where pilot Ed Golly was waiting to take these three north. He was meeting ground transport from Pensacola in Marianna, FL who would take these three to Pensacola and bring him 6 dogs from a busted puppy mill in the panhandle that were going south to Miami.

I hung out in Tampa until Ed returned. (He also went to Bainbridge, GA and picked up two Labs). We transferred the 6 puppy mill dogs to my aircraft and I delivered them to Homestead, FL and rescue.

Jeff Bennett
Cirrus SR22-GTS
N630LD (Lucky Dog)

3 thoughts on “Florida Freedom Flights”

  1. Amy Costin says:

    Awesome! So thankful for people like you!

  2. terri says:

    love the work you do!!

  3. Thank you Jeff for bring them to us. They are all so sweet and needed a chance to live in a loving home. Two have heartworms that we are treating, one is missing a foot and another toes from being caught in chicken wire. All have bad teeth what they have left. You, Ed and all the pilots give these animals a second chance at life.

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