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From injured in the streets to flying in a Hawker!

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Westchester was found in the streets of the Bronx, nearly dead, with open wounds through to the bone of both of his back legs. They were grossly infected. His ribs were protruding and his head was skeletal .He could barely walk. His rescuers were determined not to lose him. Air Twiga Animal Rescue and Pilots N Paws pilot Margo Walker made a vow to save this boy and they did.  But not before a few more roadblocks……

Just when everyone thought things could not possibly get any worse, Westchester broke out with a high fever from canine influenza. He could not even lift his head to eat. But kind hands were there for him, feeding him by hand for three months. They kept him warm with thick comforters, blankets and even a portable radiator. The oozing bandages on his back legs also had to be changed every four hours. Hang in there boy, we are determined to make you well….

We're off to surf city, you know the way, right?

Westchester suffered for months not only with the hacking cough and pneumonia caused by canine influenza, but a virulent bone infection that was difficult to treat.

After several months spent recovering, Westchester was well enough to travel first class on a Hawker 800 jet to California thanks to Margo and Air Twiga Animal Rescue.  He will be in good hands going forward to continue his recovery and training. He is now happily romping in the blue waters at the beach, a far cry from the damp streets of Westchester St. in the Bronx. He is affectionate, loyal, trusting and has a long term lady friend named Lady White to keep him company. Because someone cared, he was given a chance to show us all just how forgiving a dog can be. Run and play Westchester, we hear surfing is fun!

Need any help there pilots?

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4 thoughts on “From injured in the streets to flying in a Hawker!”

  1. You guys are AMAZING in what you do these animals are blessed to have caring people like Pilots N Paws..I love hearing stories like this i only wish there were alot more than the ones that have the PTS on them..God Bless and keep up the great work that you du…Thank’s

  2. Rosio says:

    What an awesome story and awesome pictures! THANK YOU PILOTS AND RESCUES! ENJOY THE BEACH WESTCHESTER!

  3. Renae says:

    Bless you!

  4. Sue says:

    How do we reach those Hawker pilots, we have some more long distance transports?

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