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Little Black Lab Teddy Bears Saved

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This Pilots N Paws run was for CELEBRATING PUGS, AND PET RESQ-11TH HOUR. The dogs came from a very high kill shelter in Prestonburg, KY and were delivered to fosters in Caldwell, NJ.

They included 4 very fuzzy lab mix 8 week old pups and a family of PEKES who ALL were owner turn-ins. (How can you DO that??)

Get a good look at how FUZZY the lab pups are! What faces!  They were all like little black TEDDY BEARS!

6 hours enroute..great flying weather… and very lucky dogs….. and people!

The girls told me the County shelter was planning on killing at least 15 more “unlucky” ones this week. ¬†Tragic when you realize how many you can’t possibly save.

Pilot Scott Messinger


Thanks to Petmate and Subaru in helping make all these rescue flights possible.

One thought on “Little Black Lab Teddy Bears Saved”

  1. Robyn says:

    As per usual Scott saved the day and their lives!These 8 lucky dogs escaped death by a day..The lab pups escaped twice. They broke with Parvo days later and would have died a horrible death on a cold cement floor. Instead they are ALIVE and healthy…Thanks as always to Scott and PNP!

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