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Punkin and Her Pups Get Help

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The palmharbor.patch.com brings us two stories about a strong willed mother and her pups.  You can read the full stories here and here.

Pilots Mike and Vitaly. Photo Credit: Rick Chaboudy

Punkin, now named Chessie, did what any good mother would do, protected her young offspring at any cost.  She was found under a shed in rural Georgia with a serious injury to her face and severely underweight, but she managed to be keeping four healthy pups safe.

One tough momma. Photo Credit: Angel Dog Rescue

It took some time as he had no intention of leaving her pups, but some volunteers were finally able to draw her out from under the shed.  Somehow, she must have eventually felt the kindness they were offering.  The volunteers scooped up Punkin, as she was known, and her pups and took them all to safety.

Chessie arrives in Florida. Photo Credit: Rick Chaboudy

Suncoast Animal League in Florida send out the word that they would take in the bunch if transportation could be arranged.  Enter pilots Mike and Vitaly and a trustee Piper Cherokee to make the trip happen.  Suncoast made the group at home immediately with some baths, pampering, and vet care from Dr. John Woodman at Animal Hospital of Northwood.

Chessie isn't real happy about it but sits well for Dr. John Woodman's exam at Animal Hospital of Northwood. Photo Credit: Rick Chaboudy

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix puppies are nine weeks-old and ready to be adopted.  Brannen, Tanner, Becky and Glory have lots of folks in their corner to get them this far.  They may have started out life a bit roughly, but things are looking up.

So who is taking us home? We're ready! Photo Credit: Suncoast Animal League

Momma Chessie has some healing to do first, but Suncoast will take good care of her.  Then she will be ready to find a comfy forever home.


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  1. Sheryl Jones says:

    What another great story you bring us. Thank you for making sure those dogs have a chance at a great home.

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