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Busy April for Mike – 1 of 4

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Digby is an absloute sweatheart and one handsome dog. It is hard to believe that he ended up at a shelter 3 times in the space of 6 months. He did great with his Georgia foster family of Lilly and Susan since he came out of the shelter; they just love him. This was most-definitely going to be his last time in a shelter in the south. A three-leg relay moved Digby from Georgia to Blue Bell, PA near Philadelphia.

Jerry, Mike and Digby at KCHO in front of Jerry's Piper Arrow

Mike left his plane at home and flew with Jerry in his Piper Arrow. They met the middle-leg team of Lee and Kay in Charlottesville, Virginia (CHO). Mike claims Jerry is an excellent pilot, and Digby seemed to agree. He didn’t mind the flight one bit. He was relaxed, calm, and slept about half the way to Wings Field (LOM).

Lee, Kay and Digby at KCHO

Rosemary was waiting for the travelers when they landed around 3:30 PM. Digby displayed his best cute face while he looked out the window as Jerry was pulling up to the terminal. Rosemary drove Digby to Oaks, PA to meet his foster mom Betsy. He was great in the car, looked out the window some, also kept looking at the floor of the car almost like he was trying to figure out how the darn thing was moving. Eventually, he curled up on the front seat and chilled. Susan texted Rosemary to let her know they are already missed him. He is going to make a great addition to someone’s family.

Digby and Rosemary at Wing Field, PA