Class – Today is Schipperkee Day

Class – Today is Schipperkee Day

Meet Kelpie. He is breed of dog known as a Schipperkee. Apparently, fuzzy coats and sweet faces are special traits:

All clear off the right, captain!

All clear off the left, captain!

OK - time for a rest.

Kelpie was one of the many dogs that found himself without a loving home in Houston, Tx. Rescuers found hope for for him in Dallas. David and Diane have made many trips for Pilots N Paws,and they added a lucky Schipperkee to their long list of passengers. They picked up the pup in Conroe, TX and made quick work of the flight to Dallas.

Kelpie in Dallas with his pilots, David and Diane.

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One Response to “Class – Today is Schipperkee Day”

  1. Thank you David and Diane. We recovered a wandering Schipperkee several years ago, and she has been a wonderful pet. I hope that Kelpie finds all the love at his new home that befits this fine breed.