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Desert Dogs to Utah

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Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Southwest GSP Rescue, Utah’s Perfect Pointers, and the pilots with Pilots N Paws, more than 100 pounds of German Shorthaired Pointers found their way to a better life.

Kristin with Gsp Rescue Southwest bringing the girls for an early departure.

Emmi and Remi were found in shelters in New Mexico and Arizona. The dedicated volunteers with Southwest GSP Rescue made it possible for these girls to come in off the streets. Marylin and Lynne, with Utah’s Perfect Pointers were ready and waiting..but the WEATHER!! UGH!!

Pilot Bill and his wife Janet. Well, someone has to coordinate...

Pilots Bill and Rich and their families extended the usual endless generosity and determination found in rescue efforts to get these dogs safe where they need to be. It is always humbling to see the lengths that the Pilots with Pilots N Paws will go to to save one more.

Pilot Rich's wife Jill made sure that the girls had a hug and a cookie.


Pilot Rich meeting the girls

2 thoughts on “Desert Dogs to Utah”

  1. Lu Pugh says:

    Wonderful work. Did not know that there are great people doing great rescues like I am reading about on here. Stay safe and Thank You all very much. Teach our children of all ages to respect and care for the animals. Adopt rescue Do not buy. Spay and neuter.

  2. s.h. tolford says:

    these are wonderful dogs, my daughter & son in law had one, she unfortunately died of a heart tumor at age 13 this year, and is sorely missed…they adopted a lab mix 3 yrs ago who has filled the void….good luck with your adoptions….

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