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Dixie and Her Dee-Lites

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Smilin’ Pit Bull Rescue (SPBR) received an urgent email, “A momma had her babies in late December in a Georgia kill pound, and the babies were dying one-by-one, as their mother watched helplessly.” Worse yet, the entire family was scheduled for euthanasia. It was time to get them out of there, and it had to be done quickly.

It was tough, but Dixie managed to keep 3 of her pups going.

This most humble of families was finally freed from the Georgia pound that was slowly killing them. There were 7 puppies, but only 3 survived their stay. Not a one had been vaccinated. The remaining members finally found their savior in Tina, an SPBR volunteer in Tuscaloosa, AL. Tina decided the puppies needed out, NOW! With her usual zeal, she made it happen with the help of Michael and Pilots N Paws.

Super Mike steps up for Dixie and her Dee-Lites.

Michael stepped in to be their hero for the day and flew the family out of Georgia. As with so many volunteers he did everything he could for the dogs. In this case, the above and beyond had him at an oh-so-considerate low altitude because of their upper respiratory issues. Finally, our momma and surviving babies were out of their personal hell they had known for almost 2 months.

Jail Break!

Tina’s loving hands took over the care for the Dixie and her puppies. She took them to the vet, and they all passed with flying colors. Dimple, Cinnamon, and Jasmine were born 22 December and thanks to rescue are now de-wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm negative, AND READY TO BE LOVED!

Leah and little Cinnamon, aka Velcro Baby.

During the end of February, Mike’s friend, Eric, took a LOOONGGG drive from Buffalo, NY to Nashville, TN to meet up with Tina and company for their final FREEDOM stop at New York foster homes! Yes, it is truly amazing what folks will do to help these furry family members.

Little Jasmine was cold and shivering, so she got the heating blanket and a LOT of TLC.

Denise and Steve have momma Dixie, Jen is in charge of Jasmine, and Leah and Chey are keeping up with Cinammon and Dimple! All of them are thriving in their foster homes.

In Dimple's doze comes trust, kindness, warmth and caring.

This momma is no longer watching her babies die 1-by-1 in the Georiga kill pound. Instead, she’s being the puppy she is, enjoying life, and happy, safe and confident. For that, we have the kindness of volunteers to thank.

Petmate and Subaru are dedicated to providing safe transportation in their own ways. ┬áPilots N Paws can’t thank them enough for their support in our efforts to transport animals to safety.