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Pilots N Paws

February Flying

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Mike Young grabbed some help and spent a February weekend saving eleven dogs and (big) puppies.

They transported eleven dogs and nearly 300 pounds to the Carroll County Airport and the Baltimore Humane Society for adoption. Ten came from Lake Country Rescue (southern Virginia) and one (Daisy) was flown up by Nick from Wilson, NC.

  • Seven (7) Big Pups: 12 lbs: Kell, Kellen, Keller, Zeno. Zenobia, Zenobios. Zenon
  • Venice 55 lbs
  • Jane 65 lbs
  • Fagan 70 lbs
  • Daisy 20 lbs (from Wilson, SC)

Most everyone was awake early on in the flight.

.. but then they started to get drowsy....

Circuitous flight from W63 to DMW to VKX