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Galup’s Big Day

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Pilot Jerry, his wife Nancy, and his friend Ron took a day to help a couple rescue dogs, an 80 pound bloodhound and a 35 pound Aussie Shepherd, get from New Mexico to Arizona. They started their day with breakfast at the Payson Airport cafe, The Crosswinds Restaurant, just northeast of Phoenix. The flight from Payson to Galup, NM, was a bit bumpy, and there was concern how the dogs would handle the 1-1/2 hour flight back to the Glendale airport and their new, forever homes.

Ron in red, Nancy, Jerry in blue

The driver from Albuquerque, Dave, was right on time. First order of business was a potty stop for both dogs (and pilot). This was a ‘big’ event in the tiny town of Galup, so Jerry gave the local paper a day’s notice in case they wanted to cover the PnP story. Sure enough, a reporter and photographer were there to cover the flying dogs.

After a bunch of pictures, the crew of three loaded up and headed back to Phoenix with the 4th seat taken by the smaller of the two dogs – Collin. It was a little bumpy and Collin was happy to have a leg to rest her head on. Both dogs handled the flight just fine. Their new owners were sooo excited as they taxied in!

Another successful Pilots n Paws rescue – Kudos to Joan Nickum for doing such a GREAT job organizing this rescue! Many thanks to all of the drivers!

3 thoughts on “Galup’s Big Day”

  1. Kathryn Powell LaCoss says:

    Kudos for all you do to rescue and save these beautiful animals. God Bless you all. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank You all PNP pilots and helpers and folks who make a difference – That little town in NM is spelled like a horse running free but what matters is these dogs are safe ~ Youre the best

  3. This was a big day! Joan Nickum (transport coordinator) and Jerry Grout (PNP Pilot) did an outstanding job making this rescue come together.

    Collin a special needs Australian Shepherd dumped at the Farmington shelter was rescued by Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue of Arizona. He is in a loving foster home until he finds his adoptive home.

    The beautiful Bloodhound is Bella…she had her fabulous adoptive family waiting for her. She is doing very well with her new brother Howler.

    Thanks to all of the ground transport people that were involved with this rescue. We would also especially like to thank Gina for picking Collin up, vetting him and giving him a home to sleep over until he began his journey.

    Happy Memorial Day to all our Veterans!

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