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Miss Kitty – The Catahoula

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From Liz Bonderak:

Sweet pups Rescue in Texas was blessed to have an approved home for a little 4-month old Catahoula pup. The problem is that this little girl was in Vidor TX, about as far from Colorado as you can get without being in Louisiana.

Dawn Greenwood taking Miss Kitty to San Antonio.

Pilot Brian offered to help, and even go as far Amarillo. The weather had been sketchy at best, so…In the generosity typical of the pilots, he offered to keep Miss Kitty with him and his family so that they may be able to leave at a moment’s notice. Dawn Greenwood, working with Sweetpups Rescue, started the trip early Saturday morning and drove all the way to San Antonio…thank you Dawn.

Miss Kitty with Pilot Brian.

Miss Kitty was met by Pilot Brian and his son Brandon. Brandon and the pup became fast friends and enjoyed each others company for the weekend. Early one morning, it became clear that the flight was not going to be able to get into Amarillo due to poor weather. Michael agreed to go WAYYYY further east around the weather to meet at an alternate field. (Much to Brandon’s disappointment since wasn’t quite ready to relinquish his new friend.)

Robertson family and Miss Kitty

Thank you to the Robertson family and congratulations to you all. Miss Kitty is a lucky pup indeed!

I am so humbled by the generosity of the people that help these dogs everyday, and I am so grateful for their dedication and their commitment to helping one more.

To both these Pilots that kept their lives on ‘hold’ for days while weather worked it’s magic.. I am blessed to know you both.

Thank you all so very very much for choosing rescue


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