More NC Beagles

More NC Beagles

Scott Messinger’s most recent flight included at stop for Debi Webb at CCAC in Whiteville, NC. Debi was relentless with her emails to Scott until she convinced him just how bad things are down south. Juliez Dogs, Sandhill Beagle Rescue, and Penny Angel Beagle Rescue were also part of the entry in his logbook.

Keep working it - I think we can get out of here...

Another 10 dogs from CCAC in whiteville found their way to Penny Angel Beagle in New Jersey. Poor Joan at Penny Angel….she got 6 beagles last week, including a 3-legged one, and now she has 10 more. This beagle route could be a suitable trailer for the movie “Groundhog Day.” As soon as you bring up one load, there’s 100 more, sitting waiting to die in yet another southern facility. Makes you wonder why there is not more of a public outcry against this sanctioned slaughter of innocents ? Pity the plight of the southern dog…

Whiteville, NC will now be a regular stop on the Pilots N Paws southern tour. Now the dogs just to have more willing northern receivers!

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5 Responses to “More NC Beagles”

  1. Yep, I’m in Ga. I foster beagles. My vet said he was very sorry I was choosing beagles because they were the most abused dog in the South. I said somebody has to. Hurray for Debi Webb and thanks to Pilots for Paws.

  2. Why are beagles the most abused dog in the south? My Family and I just got our firt dog and chose a beagle, couldn,t be happier.

  3. They are the most abused because they are docile, great hunters, and resilient (which makes them valuable laboratory dogs). Southern hunters use Beagles in packs and many pack members get lost or injured during the hunt. I rescued an Elizabethan hunting Beagle lost from her pack. I tried to find the owner and not one nearby hunter that I approached (with at least 30 Beagles crammed in a small kennel) wanted to claim her. She was suffering from malnutrition, contusions and bruises from pack fights, and loaded with ticks and fleas (and worms). I am now a very proud Beagle owner!

  4. Andrew, that is exactly why. Beagles are amazing dogs. We’ve had three and now have a Beagle mix. They are used a lot, because even if they are abused, they don’t complain. This is why they are used so often in labs as well. I am so glad to know that they are being rescued through this wonderful program.

  5. Here in Northern CA, it’s pitbulls that get a hard time. Thank God for the ones in good homes.