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Pilots Todd & Mary Brooks Fly Their 16th PNP Mission!!

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Pilots Todd and Mary Brooks Fly Their 16th PNP Mission!

Our 16th Pilots N Paws Rescue April 14, 2012 started at (KHSV) Huntsville Airport in Alabama, our home base.  We departed with 4 border collies Lewis, Clark, Calli, and a 7 week old blue eyed pup. We also picked up what we thought would be a 38lb mix breed dog, but Maze turned out to be a 78lb dog. She was very large so she had to ride in a lab crate by herself. We headed to Bainbridge, GA.

At Bainbridge, all dogs stayed on board while we loaded 4 more lab mix puppies. Loading the airplane was like playing a jigsaw puzzle, so many dogs of different weights and sizes and how they will fit in the crates. We also had our luggage on board because we were heading to Florida for a week. We had to figure out which ones will get along in the crates so there will be no in-flight issues.

Pilot Mary Brooks With Her First Class Passenger

During our loading efforts there was one adorable little lab mix puppy that still needed a ride. So I stepped up to the plate and said she could ride first class. First class means she had to rough the ride in my lap. What a little cuddlier.  

With all on board we headed to Gainesville, FL. The flight was a little bumpy and cloudy, but all passengers did not complain, they just slept. The 5 passengers that started their long journey in Huntsville departed the airplane in Gainesville to start their new life.

Puppies Sleeping During Flight

The 4 puppies now had their own crates with lots of room to spread out and sleep on their journey to Merritt Island Florida. Flight to Merritt Island was cloudy, rainy and a little bumpy, but all 4 puppies just slept. The 4 puppies went to a foster home in Merritt Island until they find their forever homes.

It is always very emotional for these rescuers to let the dogs go, but they know the animals are headed for a better life. I also had a hard time letting go of the little one I held , but having 4 dogs of our own awaiting us in Huntsville, I had to let her go to find a new loving family.

All rescues are complex rescues, but they end up very successful. Another part of a successful rescue is finding someone to take care of our 4 dogs. Thanks to Adam Wallace, who stayed at our home for 5 days taking care of our dogs.

We appreciate how hard the volunteers work facilitating constantly changing dogs, destinations, times, pilots, and weather.

Unfortunately many others aren’t as lucky, and as you all know, the only answer to this devastating issue is to spay/neuter/rescue. All of these dogs are really sweet, and they deserve to be curled up on the living room floor at night not tossed out like trash.

Todd & Mary Brooks

Please thank our sponsors, Petmate and Subaru!

3 thoughts on “Pilots Todd & Mary Brooks Fly Their 16th PNP Mission!!”

  1. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all the Pilots (and their partners) who are so dedicated to help the furbabies by volunteering their time and flight space. I have delivered and picked up from your volunteers and have seen their dedication in action.
    Kathy Fletcher
    Little Bits Rescue

  2. Mary Green says:

    I do rescue transport drives and a couple of times, I have been meeting a pnp pilot at an airport in or around the Atlanta area Thank you soooo much for what you do.

  3. Debbie says:

    You guys are amazing! The dogs that need to get to far away place are sooo luck to have you… Thanks!

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