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Poodle + Terrier + Mastiff

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It was a lovely drive to Camarillo airport and a great day for 3 lucky pups. Three dogs were rescued from as many different shelters in southern California. Each dog had spent 3-4 weeks biding their time in the shelter. Kim of Pilots N Paws flew these three sweet dogs and transported them to safety so they may live out there lives in loving homes.

Pequena is a 12-year old Maltese Poodle rescued from the San Pedro shelter. She was transported to Muttville in San Francsico to get the some serious medical care. Pequena was ill with a mass under her eye and peridontal disease. She will now get the care, vetting, and love she deserves. Pequena wasn’t too happy with the flight and barked pretty much the whole flight but was happy to get out in San Jose. She went over and leaned on Kim for a moment when they let her out of the carrier after meeting Cory. Really tough journey for her age. Hopefully she gets a great forever home.

Aniko is a Rat Terrier rescued from Baldwin Park. An adopter in northern California decided Aniko’s new home was up there. Aniko was also happy to get out and meet his new parents who seemed very happy to get him. He also extended his thanks to Kim with some licks and was a great rider.

A now-lucky Mastiff/Pit and her buddy.

Frescka, now Shuleka, is a Mastiff mix rescued from Ventura Animal Control. Kim’s vet, Randy Robinson, takes on the most difficult cases, saves them, and either finds them a home or keeps them. She told him about Pilots N Paws and offered a flight if he ever needed transport. He took her up on it. Kim was planning on overnighting in the Camarillo area, and she received a call from him shortly after she landed. Dr. Robinson asked Kim if she would do him a favor and fly down and save a great dog from being killed who was in Southern California. He said the dog was with Ventura Animal control. It wasn’t until the next day they figured out that Shuleka was at the Camarillo shelter which happens to be at the Camarillo airport. This transport was obviously meant to be.

The flight out had to be delayed because Kim was purchasing a crate large enough to accommodate the mastiff pit mix. That turned out to be the hardest part of the transport. The mastiff just jumped onto the wing and wasted no time crawling into the crate…not a chance she was going to be left behind. She settled in and didn’t get up until she heard the gear come down. As soon as Kim landed, all she could hear was Shuleka’s tail going. She about yanked Kim off the wing getting out to meet Donna, her rescuer.

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  1. Donna says:

    What an amazing rescue. Kim did an awesome job helping in the rescue of Sukkra. Thank you so much for being part of her survival!

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