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133 Pounds of Bull Mastiff from CA to IN

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Caesar made his way to a Bullmastiff Rescuers¬†foster home in Santa Rosa, CA from a vet in central California. The story that he came with was his former owner didn’t supervise play time with his other dog, a pug, and Caesar didn’t realize he couldn’t play rough with a canine quite that small. The pug died as a result. The owner didn’t seem to try to train Caesar nor neuter him afterwards, and then got a second pug with the same result. The owner then took Caesar to a vet to be put down because, of course, it was Caesar’s fault that he lived with a non-trainable human.

Since being neutered, Caesar has done very well with other dogs as long as they were introduced correctly. As for humans he loves them! Not much of a guard dog, but he seems to have a personality for a therapy dog. He is a precious gentle giant that is joining a single dad and his children in Indianapolis, IN. The kids, of course, could hardly wait to hug that big, slobbery head.

Joan Nickum took on the coordination to move this lovable dog from California to Indiana. She took advantage of both ground and air transportation as well as overnight fosters to make it happen. That is no small task. Caesar’s transport started with a road-trip starring his foster family to Long Beach, CA. In Long Beach, Pilot Wick Zimmerman picked up the mastiff and flew him to Phoenix, saving countless car transfers.

From there he traveled by more ground volunteers to Wichita, KS where he met Sarah Owens, another PnP pilot. Sarah thought her crate would be large enough, but it turned out the ‘small’ mastiff – all relative of course at 133 pounds and 27 inches at the shoulders – forced her hand and she had to take it apart and let him sit inside of it. There was barely enough room for him and all the cargo. He topped her list as the biggest and most relaxed passenger she’d ever had! Sarah took Caesar to Kansas City, where more cars helped him find his way to Indiana.

4 thoughts on “133 Pounds of Bull Mastiff from CA to IN”

  1. Wanda Taylor says:

    A wonderful rescue! Sarah, love the picture of you and Caesar! He looks like a gentle giant! Thank you PNP!

  2. Melissa Lewis says:

    This really touched my heart. My pride and joy is our BullMastiff (who has the same exact face as Ceasar). They are wonderful with children and a very smart, loyal, laid-back goofy giants! Bless you for the transport and to the new family adopting him. Get those drool rags ready, Bullmastiffs are worth every ounce of slobber!!!

  3. Tamara says:

    Sarah ..You are an angel indeed, with brilliant wings I might add !!
    I am the daughter of a pilot who would have LOVED this cause, and would have dedicated any and all time required to see the animals reached safe haven ! My father was a pilot, a solider and a patriot, first and foremost he was an animal lover!
    I have fostered Bull Mastiff’s before and were amazed at how well tempered they are .. pls let me know how I can help your valiant effort .. I am in NC, and have 13 acres in a rural area, I have some fenced in property as well as free range , even a clear water stream if need be !
    I have a pooch mobile (Honda Element)that I purchased just for the transport of all things animal !

  4. Deb Bevelacqua says:

    I have raised my teenage sons with mastiffs, gentle loving giants. Thank you so much for all you do. I read this with tears in my eyes. What wonderful caring people. Thank you

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