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Dundee springs to VA from NC with help from Pilots N Paws on June 16

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Here is the report of a wonderful flight mission flown by Pilots N Paws volunteer Pilot Bill Heybruck from last weekend.

Little Dundee, a cattle dog mix, was found in Columbus County as a stray. He was skin and bones. He was brought into the Columbus County Animal Control facility and as with every animal control facility in the south, his chance of being put to sleep due to overcrowding was very possible.

A local volunteer sprang into action and quickly contacted the Atlantic Region Border Collie Rescue in Richmond, Virginia. This wonderful group said that they would get him into their program but could not coordinate ground transport quickly enough to get little Dundee from the shelter. Time is of the essence and that’s when Pilots N Paws comes into play!

Pilots N Paws volunteer pilot Bill Heybruck responded to my post immediately with an offer for help. Because of Bill’s offer, little Dundee was pulled from the shelter, placed into temp fostering and last weekend was flown first class to Richmond, VA from Wallace, NC.

Just want to say thanks to Bill for all of his help. Little Dundee would have never gotten to this wonderful rescue without Bill.

Sending some photos of his trip and before/after photos!

PCAC Volunteer


One thought on “Dundee springs to VA from NC with help from Pilots N Paws on June 16”

  1. sonya miller says:

    Thanks Bill, for saving Little Dundee’s life and all the wonderful work you all do…God Speed.

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