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Ethel’s Next Chapter

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At 3:55 pm on May 31st, a rundown Ethel left the Baldwin Park animal shelter with (5) minutes to spare. She had an upper respiratory infection (URI) and a depressed spirit that wouldn’t respond to any amount of medication.

Checking out the view!

Following a week of much needed rest, the love of her caretakers, support of her “fans”, and approval of her vet, Ethel is now on her way to the next Chapter in her life. Ethel’s next Chapter begins with much excitement which clearly trumps any car ride this girl has experienced.

After so many gracious offers to foster Ethel, we felt it best for Ethel to enjoy her senior years at Lily’s Legacy, a sanctuary in Northern California for displaced senior large-breed dogs. Ethel has most definitely earned her place in the hierarchy of life, and we felt Lily’s Legacy would best fulfill this.

Ethel and Zach after landing.

At 8:30 am this Friday morning, Ethel began her trip to Lily’s on a private charter thanks to her ChipIn supporters, ResQPet, Zach the Pilot, Pilots N Paws, and Lily’s Legacy. Ethel’s next chance at life had begun and how incredibly amazing her journey was!

Comments from the Volunteer:

“Miss Ethel is doing just fine. Ate a little dinner, which is a good sign, and had a bath (she’ll need about four!) so she would feel better, and almost smiled at me as I dried her. She is such a love. I think you are right about the look in her eyes. She is a little bewildered, but hopeful. I sang “you are my sunshine” to her when I bathed her, and I think she liked it, and was forgiving about my inability to carry a tune :-) Later, I took her little face gently in my hands, and she really looked at me for the first time, holding my gaze, and I told her she is safe, and that she can rest tonight. I think she understood. Then it was bedtime.”

Ethel smelling the flowers at house of Lily’s Legacy Volunteer

Your generosity, time, donations, and love have made it possible for Ethel to live and have another chance at a better life. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for saving Ethel, our “sturdy, full-of-life” senior girl. Thank you so very much!

A very special thank you to the staff at the Baldwin Park Shelter, Heart Bandits, ResQPet, ADOPT-A-CHOW LA, Maria Modica, and Kathleen at Oasis for all of your efforts in getting Ethel to safety!

Robin K.
Volunteer, Chow Rescue

4 thoughts on “Ethel’s Next Chapter”

  1. Margo says:

    Beautiful Story! Thanks to ALL involved. Love our Seniors!

  2. Connie says:

    What a lovely story about Ethel. I have a soft spot for Chows anyway. Thank you for posting this. I hope we can keep up with Ethel’s progress here also.
    Thanks also to all who made this possible for Ethel (and other pets and humans as well).


  3. Jody says:

    Ethel is such a lucky girl to have so many folks helping her. May her remaining years be full of fun, love, and comfort…..Thanks to all of you that helped Ethel.

  4. Wanda Taylor says:

    What a wonderful story! Thank you all for saving her life and giving her a safe life at Lily’s Legacy. I teared up reading about her bath and her gaze into your eyes. Priceless.

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