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Ivy the Basset…Off to a New Life!

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Scott Messinger shares a rescue story for 11 dogs from Raleigh Durham to Philadelphia…This trip was for Tri State Basset and Pick Your Paw Rescue in NJ.

As cute as these 8 pups were, the highpoint of the trip was the priviledge of meeting Ivy the basset. Ivy is a very sweet girl, who, upon first meeting me, immediately flipped onto her back, inviting me for a belly rub! Ivy had lived with the same family for all of her 6 years, and the family thought it best that she find another home where she could get the attention that she craves. Poor Ivy was spending up to 5 weeks at a time in a boarding facility, due to extended trips abroad by this family.

Out of love and sacrifice, they felt it best that she find a home where she could once again be the star. Tri State Bassets stepped up, and offered to place Ivy a loving home.

So, Ivy was lovingly carried to the plane by her former Mom and her family, tears in their eyes. They arranged her on her favorite bed, and surrounded her with all the things she would need in her new life….First came the toys, then blankets, and then the snacks of course! (She IS a Basset, after all, and they need their nourishment!)

Note the tear in Ivy's eye, as she says goodbye to her family. That's what I see, anyway.

Ivy’s mom asked me if I would make sure to tell the new family that in the morning, she really looks forward to her Cheerios and Cornflakes…her 2 favorite things.  She then, knelt down next to Ivy, and proceeded to give her a bowl of cornflakes! …..One last loving family ritual, I suppose, maybe meant to reassure her that everything would be fine in her new life.

We then loaded up the other 8 pups, but to be honest, by then Ivy had ALREADY stolen our hearts!

We headed to a nearby airport to pick up Joseph the basset, who has the Biggest head of any basset on the planet. Someone call Ripley’s!  Ivy was gracious enough to share her crate with Joseph the big headed basset, and we were on our way north.

We did some zigging and zagging up the coast to avoid some thunderstorms, and made Philadelphia by 3:30 PM.


3 thoughts on “Ivy the Basset…Off to a New Life!”

  1. Ava Werstlein says:

    Scott– another awesome job! I hear Ivy is already off to her new family and hopfully eating cornflakes again:) Its a pleasure to work with you to save these valuable lives!

    Best, Ava Werstlein

  2. Tammy Boland says:

    Thank you so much for bringing our precious pups to NJ! They are all settled in their fosters and awaiting their forever homes. We are so grateful to Scott and Pilots N Paws for flying our pups. We are amazed and touched by Scott’s patience and understanding and true professionalism. We will be forever grateful to you! Tammy Boland
    Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue

  3. Sandy Walker says:

    We are the lucky family who was able to adopt Ivy. She is just as precious as you can imagine!! We make sure she has either her Cheerios, or Cornflakes in the morning. She is so sweet!! Thank you PilotsNPaws, and especially Pilot Scott Messinger, it was because of you ‘, we now have this adorable little girl in our family!

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