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Seven More Saved

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A trio of planes and pilots moved seven pups from the Augusta, GA area to Coatsville, PA.

Ron and his plane at IGX.

The day started with Pilot Ron and friend Ed moving the pups from Allendale, SC (88J) to Chapel Hill, NC (IGX). Ron had an additional task to remove the back seats from his Cheeta to make room for the cargo.

Ed at IGX.

At IGX, Mike Young with his usual entourage of student helpers plucked the furballs and stowed them in the baggage area. They cruised up to 8500 to beat the bumps and find cool air. Isn’t the last item on the pre-takeoff checklist ‘climb and maintain 72 degrees’?

The group landed in Indian Head, MD (2W5) and were met by a final PnP pilot to anchor the relay with a flight to Pennsylvania. seven more dogs on their way to brighter futures.

3 thoughts on “Seven More Saved”

  1. Kathleen says:

    May you all be blessed. I am so impressed by the work you do. Thank you from another animal lover.

  2. Kelly says:

    I help transport dogs on Sunday mornings in my car……what a blast to transport in a plane!!!! God bless you all for what you do…..making a difference one life at a time!! Praise the Lord!

  3. gerianne says:

    As an animal lover and volunteer at our local Humane Society what a blessing you all are. It is people like you that make me advocate for the responsibilities of pet ownership and harsher punishment for animal cruelty. God bless you all………

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