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Thank You Pilots Pete Tobin and Karen Johnson for Sharing Your Most Recent Transport Story!

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We’ve had another successful dog rescue.
Long story short, we were going to be in the Nashville area to cheer on our friend, Robert Rivers, as he took the stage & mic with his band “Floodwaters;” so, both Karen & I started checking the Pilots N Paws website to see if there were any dogs in the Nashville area that needed rescue in this direction for our return flight.
We found two who were scheduled to be euthanized who could be placed with foster families here in Chicago.  Brownie – a 15 lbs hound dog mix puppy and Hooch – an 80 lbs Bullmastiff.  Woah… 80 lbs.  That’s gunna require some math.
Well, I did the math and did the math and did the math; and there was no reason we couldn’t fit that dog in our Columbia.  We would absolutely be within the weight & balance envelope with the amount of fuel we had and just Karen & I on board.
We agreed to rescue both dogs.
Brownie arrived first:
What a sweetheart.  Can you believe her date with the needle was last Wednesday!?!
And then Hooch arrived.  Woah… that’s one seriously big dog.  It’s one thing to know that there’s an 80 lbs dog coming; it’s another to meet him in person.  And he was freaky strong.
Well, Hooch was loaded in first.  I’m sorry to say we didn’t get any pics ’cause that was kind of amazing.  But, if you look through the baggage door, he’s already in the crate.  And then we loaded Brownie:
And after landing in Chicago and putting the Columbia in the hanger, we opened the baggage door and the crate.  Hooch came out of there like a rocket!
Both dogs came home and spent the night with us.  And while giving Hooch his end of the night walk, he saw a skunk and pretty much dragged me the whole way down the street after it.  You can’t believe how strong that dog is.  He really reminded me of Buck in “The Call of the Wild.”
Alass… this morning we had to send our charges off to their foster lives.
Brownie went with Gail of the NOLA Lab Rescue:
And Hooch left with Karen to be picked up at the office by Plumbers & Puppies to enter the foster world and soon to find a forever family.  (Geeze!  He is one big strong dog!)

One thought on “Thank You Pilots Pete Tobin and Karen Johnson for Sharing Your Most Recent Transport Story!”

  1. Lea says:

    Huge thanks to you and your wife for all you do to trasport and save lives of the shelter animals, giving them a last chance of a forever home.

    Thank you!

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