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Brooke Books It to Colorado

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Brooke had an exceptional reason to celebrate hard on the 4th of July. Her new life in Colorado started that day.

Mike and Brooke

Mike Reddick flew the 12 pound Jack Russell terrier from Fort Worth, TX to Borger, TX (BGD). Mike reported she wasn’t reluctant at all to hop in the planes. She must have known she knew she was going somewhere nice! Denny Benson met the first leg and flew Brooke to her final destination of Erie, CO.

Brooke is melting the hearts of eveyone she meets.

One thought on “Brooke Books It to Colorado”

  1. Dane says:

    Re-Born on the 4th of July! She is doing awesome in CO by the way. We love her and can’t thank the Pilots N Paws guys enough for helping to save her.

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