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Five Flying Cocker Spaniels

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If you live in west or central Texas and looked up in the sky on July 14th, you might have witnessed five flying cocker spaniels. Amos, Arden, Kelley, Serena and Britney packed their bags and moved from fosters in West Texas to fosters and families in Austin!  The dogs came from shelters in Midland, Odessa, and Abilene and one from a puppy mill in Eastland.

Pilot Bill Aikman managed the crew with help from Menzie Aikman. Menzie provides some details from the flight…

The flight back went very well; a little bumpy. The clouds had started to build already in our line of flight. We dropped below ,and it was fine going in. Everyone seemed to stay cool, and no one got sick. Amos did just fine. I don’t think he liked it much, but at least half way through the trip he finally laid down. We turned on our big swamp fan at the hangar to keep everyone comfortable while we did potties and water. Really a nice bunch of dogs. Our new foster picked up Serena, and after trying to take out their burrito she settled right in on the front seat like she belonged there.

I held Brit a while before her adopters came, and she just snuggled in on my lap. Arden and Kelley were very good, and I think it helped that they were together. They were very sweet to me and just wanted my attention. When I took them to CrackerDog, they very willingly went with the girl and seemed to like the facility. It is kind of rugged with trails, etc.