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Flying into IXA at High Noon!

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Pam Hensley shares the following story…

Layla, a German Shepherd mix, was found by a local rescue group tied up at an old rental house that was vacant. They were told that she had been tied up since she was 4 months old. She was around 8 months when she was found. As she grew, her collar did not. After surgery to remove an embedded collar, Claudia Prather with Reach Out Rescue and Resources said to send Layla to her and she could help to give her a 2nd chance at a much better life than the poor pup ever knew.

Loading up at Roanoke Rapids, NC (IXA)

Alsace, a Dobie mix, showed up as a stray a few months ago and no one came forward to claim her. Then there’s poor Chance. For 10 years he had the good life. His owner became sick and had to go into the hospital. Luckily for Chance he was being pet-setted by a lady when she was contacted that his owner died. His family wanted him back so they could put him down humanely since not one of the owner’s children wanted him. Lucky for Chance, the pet sitter refused and sent him to Reach Out Rescue and Resources, also for a 2nd chance.

Pilot Elliott and Claudia from Reach Out Rescue and Resource giving potty breaks at Frederick, MD (FDK)

Two hitchhikers, Jack and Jill, 5 month old Dauchand mixes, needed to catch a ride up to Canada. They were pulled from a southern animal shelter and fostered in the area until they could find transport. They left home earlier in the morning to meet up with Layla, Alsace, and Chance for their ride north.

Their knight in shining armor was no other than Pilot Elliott DeGraff. Instead of riding into town on a horse at high noon on Tuesday, July 24 to pick Layla, Alsace, Chance, Jack, and Jill to take them up to MD, Elliott flew into town in his Piper Cherokee 140. He wasted no time loading all five into his Piper, and away in the blue yonder they flew!

We as rescuers are so appreciative of pilots like Elliott helping us to save our 4 legged friends that have been tossed aside because of ignorance. But when you really think about it, its dogs like Layla, Alsace, Chance, Jack, and Jill that appreciate it more. If only they could speak; then again maybe they don’t need to. I think Elliott knows how much each and every animal he flies to freedom appreciates what he did for them.

Thank you Elliott!!!